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Inside your Dream Destination

Countries & Islands


There is more than what you already think you know; there is a beautiful world awaiting for you, a world full of happiness, hope, and love.

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Hotels & Resorts


Have you ever dreamt about something and you find out it was just a dream?

Well, witness your dream become reality by choosing your dream accomodation.

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Bars & Restaurants


Food and Drink anyone? Good news!

Enjoy the best cuisines and flavoured drinks prepared for you by local and international chefs.

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Places & Experiences


Always dreamt about a place to visit or a lifetime experience?

Well, let  us welcome you to your next dream destination and dream experience.

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People & Cultures


Culture is the essence of all communities.

Go out there, embrace, learn and discover new and unknown cultures.

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Nature & Wildlife


From beautiful animals, to amazing sunsets, there is a lot to discover;

Mother nature has really blessed us.

Let's go  wander!

embrace well

About Us

My Background

My name is Nodin Nganji, i founded

My Dream Destination, a company with the objective of helping you discover, plan and head to your dream destinations.

I was born in Burundi, a small though mesmerizing country in the east of Africa, where I grew up,and later moved to Canada.

Throughout my life, I was into discovering new places, trying out new food, meeting new people and going after the unknown. Long story short, I am a man that adventures. 

One of the reasons behind My Dream Destination, is growing up in a country that has known civil wars and genocide. It is something that I wanted to change at a point that I decided to focus on the positive part of this world. And I wanted to share that with you.

How I Got Started

I was fourteen years old when I knew my career was to be an entrepreneur, someone who implements innovations and solutions to some of the problems this world is facing.

However, it was until my twenties when I found myself interested in tourism. I felt like I needed more people to travel and see how beautiful this world is, despite all the negative things happening.

I believe traveling, discovering and adventuring is healthy.

Then I brainstormed, and boom My Dream Destination was born; I remember the next thing that i said was “ this will be the world’s largest travel company in less than 20 years”.

Top Destinations

My favorite place to visit so far has been Nova Scotia.

I absolutely loved the people, the lifestyle, the simplicity, the exquisite seafood cuisine, and Peggy's Cove.

What a feeling!

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